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1) What is HomeWatch™?
HomeWatch™ is an established marketing company which uses the brand new concept in business structuring called TeamWork © to sell the brand new GuardianAngel™ Life and Property Protector, through which we offer our customers physical mental and financial peace of mind.

2) What is TeamWork © ?
TeamWork.© is a way of ensuring that everyone makes more money by helping others in the company rather than by competing with them. As the Team is nurtured it grows and everyone benefits.

3) What is the GuardianAngel™ Life and Property Protector?
The GuardianAngel™ and it’s future add on options are the foundation vehicle for the whole TeamWork.© business structure.
It is a securely monitored device that…
a) can detect intruders and burglars, even before they break in.
b) can alert you when people leave the home, such as young children for instance.
c) can call the emergency services if needed as well as eliminating false alarm calls
to them.
d) can not be defeated by cardboard or magnets the way teenage burglars have
learnt to defeat standard systems.
e) is the only system that can be fully active whilst you are at home.
f) is the only system that can be fully active whilst you are away even if your pets
are at home.
g) can be used for vetting callers to you home before you open the door.
h) is only full security system that is not triggered by either the letter box flap, cat
flap, wind, rain, thunder & lightning, or spiders.

4) What can HomeWatch™ do for me?
More money and more free time than many dream of.
A HomeWatch™ business can offer you financial freedom and more free time than you get doing most other jobs. We aim to make earning money easier than ever before and in many ways for no other company can offer anything like the earning potential of a HomeWatch™ business.

5) How does HomeWatch™ do that?
In five main ways.

i) by providing a superior product and membership package that can save our
customers more money than they pay us thus ensuring their loyalty.

ii) by using a new and unique copyrighted business model and company structure
that removes most of the high financial drain factors, such as expensive
premises, non productive and overpaid executives, directors, consultants etc.
This way more of the money earned stays with the people that bring it in to the

iii) by making the most of automated systems your workload will be vastly reduced
when compared to other business models.

iv) by enabling you to keep your workload small and your rewards high.

v) by drawing from the whole talent pool of all our Team members, the company
is strengthened and enriched because we all do whatever we can to help each
other rather than competing with one another.

6) Is this just another multi level network marketing pyramid scheme?
No. All those types of ventures require much hard work and pay out very little at the bottom end with higher rates of pay going to people you don’t even know that are higher up in the scheme. Sales and performance targets have to be reached before you get paid and it is possible to actually make sales and not get paid at all, but those above you in the company get paid instead of you.

7) Do I have to hit performance or sales targets to get paid?
NO. The TeamWork © business model ensures that no one has to hit sales targets to get paid, and no one gets rich off of the unappreciated or unrewarded labour of anyone in the company, for no one works for nothing, whilst instead others get paid for the work another has done. everyone earns for all they achieve and everyone earns at the same payment rates as everyone else.

8) What does it cost me?
Potentially nothing. In question 9 the initial costs are explained, but every HomeWatch™ customer can save more money on modern essentials such as utilities bills, broadband, mobile phones, petrol and diesel, home and car insurance, car breakdown cover, etc than one would ever pay to HomeWatch™ for our products and services, and with ultra low interest rate credit available, even the most hard pressed among us can afford to join in either as a customer or a HomeWatch™ TeamWork © business owner.

9) What do I have to do?
The same as everyone else. You buy a HomeWatch™ business and operate it as follows…
It’s as easy as 1 2 3 a b c

To be eligible to buy a HomeWatch™ TeamWork © business licence simply …

1 – become a HomeWatch™ customer by investing £499 in a basic
GuardianAngel™ Life and Property Protector.
2 – sign up to the monitoring service costing £19.99 pm.
3 – sign up to have your own HomeWatch™ business at £200 pa.

Total cost of all this is £843.20 for the first year, and £423.20 each year after that.

Now you can earn £80 retail profit for every GuardianAngel™ you sell, and a £20 training bonus fee for everyone you introduce into the business.
Plus you will get extra residual income every month for each person you or one of your Team signs up.

You will be provided with your own online shop via the HomeWatch™ website. This is the portal through which all your business is done, including all the add on sales and services that will be there to earn you extra retail profit or residual income.

How to make your HomeWatch™ business thrive.

a – show the GuardianAngel™ to other people.
b – sell them a GuardianAngel™ at £420 each and sign them up to the
monitoring service.
c – ask them to join TeamWork © just as you did, so as to build a Team of
5 people with whom you wish to work, and teach them what you have learned
from the person that brought you into the business.

It’s that simple.

Of course it does not have to stop there, the more successful work everyone does the more you and everyone else will earn.
You can sign up as many extra franchisees as you like, but managing more than 5 will be unnecessary extra work for you, so you place them into other peoples Team’s so as to help build all the Teams to five members each.
You will still get paid just the same as everyone else, but now you don’t have to manage the extra personnel.
The more Teams there are the more money you will earn because other people’s Teams’s become part of your extended Team.
All any of us need to be successful is to manage a Team of 5, and helping others to do the same. It’s all about working less and earning more. Working smart, not working hard.

10) What competition will I face?
HomeWatch™ believes it has no effective competition at this time.
Although there are many other security companies, none of them have a product as good as or as economical as the GuardianAngel™, and none of them offer all the benefits of being a HomeWatch™ customer.

11) What if I can’t afford to buy a GuardianAngel™ or to buy a HomeWatch™ TeamWork © business?
HomeWatch™ have secured a deal through a Credit Union to fund those that can’t afford to join us, at a very low interest rate. This loan can be paid off in full very quickly as your business grows.

12) What are the additional services and products?
HomeWatch™ can offer GuardianAngel™ owners 10% discount on their home utilities bills such as gas, electricity, broadband internet, mobile phones, petrol and diesel, home and car insurance, plus through our web shop we will introduce many additional products to make life easier, safer, or more fun.

13) How much time time to I have to put in each week?
As little or much as you like. The TeamWork © business model means one only needs to tend to their HomeWatch™ business part time, so one does not have to give up an existing job until income from your new business equals that of your old one. It can be done at first in your spare time.

14) Can I really receive money every month, month after month, for work I have already been paid for?
Yes. For as long as the people in your Team and the people they have sold to, are paying the monitoring station fees, then you will constantly be paid each month, potentially for life. This could be the best old age pension ever.

15) How can my customers pay?
Your customers will pay for all their products by bank debit card through the HomeWatch™ website, and for their services by standing order to HomeWatch™.
It’s the unique way these and other payments are collected and redistributed that means everyone in the company will benefit directly and almost instantly from everything they sell, and everyone they bring in to the business.

16) How do I get paid?
Your money should be paid directly into your bank account within a few days after HomeWatch™ have collected the funds from the customers bank.

17) How much can I earn?
How long is a piece of string? No claims can be made on the future performance of any business, but conservative estimates of £10,000 per month are not far fetched in our opinion.

18) Does HomeWatch™ have a good track record?
The TeamWork © business model is based primarily on an updated version of a tried and tested product that was marketed by the companies founder in 1990. This product has stood the test of time, still being operational over 25 years later, and people are still receiving income from customers they sold to in the previous century.

19) How do I know if the GuardianAngel™ is reliable?
The GuardianAngel™ is the innovation of Alan Fowler, the founder of both HomeWatch™ and TeamWork ©

The GuardianAngel™ is an updated version of his original device from 1989.

The original device sold 68 thousand units in just 10 months in the UK alone, and to our knowledge has never been beaten by a burglar, or suffered from internal faults.

The original devices are still out there happily working over 25 years later with no regular maintenance required. We know of no other item that is this reliable.

Using 21st Century technology the original has been upgraded to become the best security device we have ever seen, and the only one to incorporate both home security and a genuine lifeline to emergency and other services.

20) Why did HomeWatch™ cease marketing operations for eighteen years and why is it being relaunched now?
We h not been dormant, far from it. We’ve not been actively marketing because there was nothing that could effectively surpass what we already had produced. But during this time we have been meeting our obligations to our 70,000 existing and regularly paying customers, and attending to their needs.
Our R & D department has been very active in designing the next generation of products, but we needed to wait until readily available technology had caught up with our concepts and was both dependable and cheap enough.
Not only do we require easily available and cost effective dependable parts and services in order for our customers to benefit, but also we require our customers to have faith in the use of that technology.
With reliable production techniques now commonplace, and with a general population that is familiar with technology as a part of their daily lives, the time is now right to launch our next generation of products.

21) Can I decide to stop building my HomeWatch™ business at any time?
Yes. Your residual income will not be affected and your Team will still be working and continually be bringing in fresh income for you.

22) Can I sell my HomeWatch™ business to another person?
Yes. It is a tradable asset like any other, and the viable business that you will have built may prove an attractive investment for someone else. You could also bequeath it to your family in your will, or place it in a private trust to protect it.

23) Why does HomeWatch have it’s own charity?
Without a fixed address no one can get a job, claim benefits, register with a GP, and so on, and life expectancy on the streets is very short.
We at HomeWatch™ wish to give the homeless a chance to get back on top.
HomeWatch™ will acquire cheap, rundown, vacant housing units, restore them, and use them to give homeless people and homeless families a temporary address from which they can rebuild their lives.
Once they are back on their feet they will be able to move to a place of their own, thus making that home available for other homeless souls.

Once one has built one’s HomeWatch™ business to a monthly income of £10,000 HomeWatch™ will politely ask for a voluntary contribution you.
The requested amount will be 10% of anything one earns over £10,000 a month.
This is a completely voluntary donation to the HomeWatch™ charity.
It is not compulsory and one may refuse without sanction.
One may also pay any sum one wishes at any time. It’s all voluntary.

24) What is the HomeWatch philosophy?
Over the last few years we have seen more and more, the injustice that is inherent within the established systems of society become too much to bear for many people, mostly caused by banking incompetence and government austerity policies.

The guiding principle of HomeWatch™is that no one is exploited, no one is left behind, and everyone is treated fairly and equally.

Some say the root of all evil is the love of money, others say it’s the lack of money. Here at HomeWatch™ we believe that money is just a tool, it’s how one uses that tool that defines morality. As long as each acts honourably and conscientiously towards others, then there is no room for to evil exist.

At HomeWatch™ we believe everybody should have a chance to become financially secure, for when one has that security, when one is out of the rat race, no longer in a dog eat dog paradigm, no longer struggling to survive or provide, then we believe money becomes a tool for good, the root of all benevolence.

Together Everyone Achieves More When Our Reputation’s King
T.E.A.M W.O.R.K.

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